End Pay to Play Politics

Get Big Money Out of Politics

We are close to reining in legalized Pay to Play politics in DC. The Pay to Pay reform bill will give power back to the people of DC by limiting the influence of big money on our representatives. The bill passed committee unanimously and is up for the final vote on December 4th.

Tell your council member you want to end Pay to Play politics in DC.

But big business supporters are lobbying your council member to kill the bill. Take Action and fight back.


The Pay to Play Reform bill would:

  • Restrict major government contractors from making campaign contributions to those responsible for issuing the contracts, addressing ongoing concerns about “pay to play” politics
  • Ensure the independence form political interference of the campaign finance enforcement agency
  • Enhance the disclosure requirements for money in District elections and require that “independent” expenditures be truly independent of candidates
  • Mandate training of all candidates and campaign treasurers of the campaign finance and ethics laws

For a detailed breakdown of the bill click on the summary below:

Summary of Campaign Finance Reform Amendment Act (B22-0107)